If you believe you are seeing the page in error, please contact your Interlincx representative with the campaign url you are running. is an Interlincx Media Corp. owned property used for real-time tracking by counting clicks of member advertisers and publishers. is not an emailing service, a search engine, nor a web bot. does not distribute spyware or malware. does not collect any personally identifiable information from end users. We can't find you, even if we wanted to.

While is not an emailing service, sometimes some of the offers presented to end users are in the form of emails sent by Third Parties that use our online advertising technology. Our strict policy is to require that these Third Parties vigorously maintain CAN-SPAM compliance, as well as supporting guidelines to protect your privacy.

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For 23 years Interlincx has been connecting online consumers with many of the internet's leading advertisers. Today, our proprietary technology identifies consumer-shopping intent, values it, and ultimately delivers the right customers, to the right advertiser, at the right time.

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